You have questions regarding a CARLA Monday event? The following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) probably gives you already a sufficient answer. If this might not the case, don’t hestitate to contact us directly, by using our CARLA Monday contact. We are look forward to answer each valuable question and improve the FAQs, permanently.

FAQ: Event

No! Everybody can request an event participation. Students as well as professors. Software developers as well as CEOs.

FAQ: Request workflow

We try to make each CARLA Monday event available for a wide audience group without having much restrictions. Nevertheless, each CARLA Monday event is restricted to accepted participants. If you want to become invited, please fill out our request form. You will get informed about after the candidate review phase is done.

First, you should fill out all required fields. Then, you should validate the ReCaptcha Check and submit your request. After these steps you should get presented a confirmation popup at the end of our website. A bit later you will get an email confirmation that your request was processed, successfully. This confirmation might take time for some hours. If something in this steps went wrong or took not place, please contact us. We try to solve your issue.

Every request is answered, also not accepted once.

True. Every submission phase give each request a new open chance.

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FAQ: Request form

Sure. That’s no problem.
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